Collective CMS platform bringing together subsidiaries on a single platform

Nine individual business areas and websites come together in a single CMS solution to ensure an edit-friendly and consistent way of publishing new content for different markets.

Vilomix AS is the country's leading supplier of premixes, supplementary and special feed for agriculture and the feed industry in Norway. The business is located at Hønefoss and is owned by Danish Agro, an international Danish group with sales of approx. 30 billion NOK and has approx. 3,500 employees

The Challenge

Danish Argo contacted DynamicWeb's partner, Novicell, with a request for a new collective platform solution that is able to bring together all the subsidiaries on a single platform. In addition, the solution had to be flexible and comply with the company's plans for implementing eCommerce, digital marketing and multiple language versions.

The Solution

The new solution is under Danish Agro's platform, and Vilomix has language versions in Norway, Denmark, the Baltics, Sweden, Finland, the UK, Russia, China and Ukraine.

All the individual business areas and websites use DynamicWeb Items to ensure an edit-friendly and consistent way of publishing new content.

The Result

Vilomix can now gather all its digital activities, both internationally and nationally, in a simple solution. The flexibility of the platform makes it easy to add new subsidiaries by simply copying the existing web pages combined with full access to the platform's file and image folder, which contains all the necessary business material.








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