Maggnumite partners with DynamicWeb


Maggnumite partners with DynamicWeb to help customers hone the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERPs for eCommerce.

Running an ERP-integrated eCommerce solution helps ensure businesses can grow and scale by streamlining core business processes, growing revenue, and automating operations

Together, Maggnumite and DynamicWeb will help organizations build a solid foundation on which to drive  their digital transformation.

Los Angeles, CA— June 7, 2022 — Maggnumite, an ERP implementation partner for businesses running Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP systems, announces its partnership with DynamicWeb. Joining forces with an integrated eCommerce provider, Maggnumite can expand its product offering to include user-friendly web stores for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain customers.

DynamicWeb’s unique approach to integration will enable efficient use of resources and help joint customers focus on growth. It allows companies to create more value by offering customer-specific pricing, self-service portals, rich digital customer experiences, and more.  Plus, the worldwide reach of DynamicWeb will enable Maggnumite to scale and globalize. 

We want to take advantage of not only the eCommerce offering that Dynamicweb provides, but also their content management capability, digital marketing features, and product information management backend capability. With Dynamics 365 and Dynamicweb you now have a strategic, rich single-source of truth around products, their variants, their groupings, and can manage the content in either a B2B or B2C scenario. It is an enormous opportunity for us to help our customers to continue accelerating their business initiatives with this eCommerce technology offering.

Dan Gregersen, CEO at Maggnumite

DynamicWeb is a well-known brand in the eCommerce space specific to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain. For many, eCommerce can be a daunting endeavor, but DynamicWeb has taken great strides to make it easier for customers with visual templates and a ready-to-launch storefront… saving valuable time and money.

Bradley Webster, VP and Director of Global Sales at Maggnumite

DynamicWeb, together with Maggnumite, will offer an implementation framework that can improve customers’ time-to-market and reduce the costly risk of an eCommerce solution

The framework, called Swift, is designed as a platform for rapid prototyping and the use of low code and prepared widgets with a best-practice implementation model.

We’re thrilled to begin this partnership with Maggnumite, where we’ll be able to combine our knowledge of commerce technology with their expertise in Microsoft Dynamics. Together, we will continue to add constant value and evolution to our customers that are on their road to scaling their digital platforms and expanding to online customer experiences.

Jorgen Bach, CEO, DynamicWeb North America

DynamicWeb, together with Maggnumite, will offer an implementation framework that can improve customers’ time-to-market and reduce the costly risk of an eCommerce solution

About DynamicWeb

DynamicWeb offers a cloud-based eCommerce Suite. It enables customers to deliver better digital customer experiences and to scale eCommerce success through our Content Management, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, and Product Information Management solutions.

DynamicWeb’s 300+ partners, 150+ employees in offices all around the globe are proud to support well over 4,000 brands, which includes leading brands like Lego Wear, Unilever, Winnebago, L’Oréal, Flying Tiger, Toyota, Europcar, and Skanska. Built on DynamicWeb, these customers are empowered to gain lifelong customer relationships, increase revenue, and grow their brands.

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About Maggnumite Inc

Founded in 2018, Maggnumite is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain mentor who focuses on enabling clients to “own their solution” from the inception.  And with Maggnumite’s agile approach on a “cyclical concert” during implementation allows clients to quick deploy with minimal economic impact.

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