Integrating your eCommerce with ERP

How to gain operational efficiency for your online business with integrating your eCommerce with ERP?

Integration is complex and requires deep knowledge and experience in order to succeed and build scalable solution architecture. With more than 4,000 customers, DynamicWeb has the needed experience, and knowledge gained from practice, to successfully integrate eCommerce with ERP systems.

This whitepaper provides a detailed overview of what our customers have done and why. Our objective here is to share our experience and empower you to understand and evaluate the important topics that determine how eCommerce is integrated with the ERP system. With the right integration setup, most businesses will gain operational efficiency and have newly unleashed potential to grow revenue.

This whitepaper covers both Return on Investment (ROI) scenarios and which type of integration is best for different scenarios. The last part of the whitepaper addresses more practical topics including which data is best to integrate.

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